Cristy Road is a badass


Indestructible was the first step in my obsession with Cristy Road. Since then I’ve been a little bit of a groupie and searing out her work. I think this obsession might have stemmed from my obsession with punky subcultures and diy bullshit. It also made me think about information and the distribution of it and who picks it up via the presentation of it. Indestructible, as it should be, is a cult treasure. Scoping tumblr, I found a lot of blogs posting Road’s pictures. These posters most often boasted in being feminist, latin@, queer, trans, activist, punk, poet, fat, fat positive or all of the above. These are all inter connected intersectionalized tumblr identities that I’ve found and explored. I find it inspiring and awesome that these communities picked up Road’s work as an extension of their blog identity. The most striking thing for me is that a book about subcultures is being spread through the subcultures of tumblr.

More delving into Road’s life because I’m a creeper, I came upon her website posted in the back of the book which, detailed her life, resume, upcoming talks. It is obvious from the website that she keeps extremely busy and dedicated in social justice work, just take a look at her goddamn resume.

Between her website, tumblr presence, band, touring queer speech group, and involvement with political and non-profits, Road’s art and counterculture experience can be spread to others in non mainstream fashion. I think this approach is perfect for subverting a mainstream culture. Using alleys that avoid a mainstream media allows the creation of subcultures that can act as support groups, can create political allies for change, and give weight possible divergent lifestyles.

If you all have time and incentive, Road is performing with “Sister Spit, The Next Generation”, an all queer artistic literary activist group presenting their most recent projects, on April 7th in Portland. I’ll include links to all this information and Sister Spit’s website.

Here’s some more of Cristy’s artwork for the fun and hell of it:



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